All you need to know about casino welcome bonus in 2020 – Ultimate guide

A casino welcome bonus is a potent draw for punters. The bonus offers a chance at free gaming. Players can use real bonus money to play. You don’t have to worry about losing. But, you need to take care of your maximum winnings.

In the review, we explore bonuses further. We examine what the bonus package contains. We test the best forms of bonus on the Canadian market. We determine the bonus validity. Plus, we advise players on multiple bonuses to claim.

Our guide looks at the conditions. Every type of bonus requires wagering requirements. Some have fine prints. You must identify what each rule indicates. Failure to do this might lead to a breach.  A breach nullifies your winnings and the bonus.

In our review, you get more details. You can take advantage of casino bonuses. You can use the bonus to play casino games such as video poker. Plus, you earn yourself reward winnings.

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Online casino welcome offer: what it is?

An online signup bonus is an award. Casinos gift this prizes to players on their betting sites. The players are either first-timers or regulars. Each bonus offers players a prize. Players may have a bonus up to c200 or bonus up to c100. Players can use them to play real games online.

A casino bonus Canada can contain real bonus money. Some come in form of free casino chips. The most common form is free spins. You can get a combination of these from your favorite casino.

Casino bonuses differ from one site to another. Some casinos attach complex conditions. It is important to read through the conditions. Only then can you proceed to claim the exclusive bonus.

How does a casino welcome reward work

A welcome bonus gifts a player with real money. Some sites offer free spins. Other sites offer both money and extra spins. The gifts allow you to use casino services. You can play specific casino games of choice and table game. But, it is only for a specific period in casino sites.

In most cases, you have to make a deposit. The deposit activates the bonus. In some casinos, you have to claim the bonus. But, some sites credit the bonus without a deposit.

After a claim bonus, you need to use it. Ensure to meet the conditions the casino applies. Only then, do you get access to any bonus winnings. Do this, before the bonus period expires.

How to claim casino welcome offer – step by step

  • Do your research
    • Every casino offers attractive welcome deals. But, not all are legal or genuine. Using our review, you can identify a casino that suits you. Then, register and sign-in.
  • Read through bonus terms
    • Once you identify the casino, look at the bonus type. Read through the attached conditions. Identify any restrictions due to your locations. If friendly, then claim the bonus.
  • Identify the claiming process
    • Some sites have bonus codes to use. These are specific to bonus type. If present, enter the code to claim the bonus.
    • Some casinos credit the bonus after a min deposit. Other sites only require a new sign-up. Once the account is up, the casino credits it.
  • Deposit minimum amount
    • Casinos indicate the minimum amount to deposit. Most have a range of C$1 to C$20 or more. The deposit acts like a trigger. Once the casino receives it, you receive the bonus.
  • Enter bonus code
    • After the deposit, a bonus code appears. You should enter the code as directed. Your account receive the bonus award.
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How many casino welcome gifts can I get?

Canadian casinos in 2020 only offer one welcome bonus. But, the casino offers the awards in tiers. You receive a first, second and a third bonus or more.

Casinos allow players to spread out the bonus. You receive a specific percentage with your first deposit. The next with your second deposit and so on.

Plus, casinos can offer both real money and free spins. All you need is to identify the best offers available. You can use The guide offers a list of the best casino bonuses in Canada in 2020.

Our review spells out the bonus contents. It indicates the pros of the bonus. You can trust our reviews.

Casino welcome offer conditions

Every bonus has attached bonus conditions. The conditions protect the casino from players. For instance, players deposit to the casino. They claim a bonus worth C$1000. Once credited, they are able to withdraw the amount.

In such a case, the casino makes huge loses. Wagering requirements prevent such an incident. Only genuine players receive the bonus.

The conditions highlight some bonus rules. They show the number of times. The player has to play that many times to receive winnings.

But, the most important is pay-outs for your winnings. Plus, you need to look at other conditions. It will prevent the casino from exploiting you.

Paying out your winnings

Paying out your welcome bonus is simple. Wager your bonus money as indicated. Adhere to the conditions attached. Use payment methods that casino allows to payout.

  • Paying out conditions can be high or low. First, the casino can impose low or high bets. The lowest you can play with is C$8. If you get C$100 as bonus, one wager will cost you C$8.
  • Pay-out limits can be C$25 minimum and C$1000 maximum. The limits depend on the casino. The bonus offer plays a role in roll-out amount.

But, you have to meet all rollover requirements. If not, your winnings and bonus become void.

Pay attention to other casino welcome offer conditions

There are many conditions attached to welcome bonuses. The number of time limit to wager an amount is one. Casinos place a minimum deposit to activate the bonus.

  • The sites indicate the least amount you can place in a bonus wager. The least amount applies to your pay-outs as well. You cannot cash out all of your bonus winnings.
  • Players cannot bet the whole bonus amount. You need to stick with the least deposited amount shown. Plus, you have to do it within the set timeline.

Most of these other conditions are in the fine prints. Our Canadian welcome bonus guide lists all the hidden conditions.

Casino welcome offer outcomes (real money or bonus balance)?

Bonus spins is one of the common welcome bonus types. Spins allow players another chance at video slots bonuses games such as Book of Dead and Gonzo’s quest.  Playing slots in online slots sites or slot machine is enjoyable. A spin is worth a small amount. In most cases, one spin wins is worth C$0.20.

Free spins bonus open up new casino in Canada games. Casinos specify the games free spins on book you can access. Winning from free spins remains as your bonus balance.

A bonus balance is not available for cash out. You can only use it to play online. You can only play games attached to the bonus.

You have to complete the bonus conditions. Then, you can convert the bonus balance to real bonus money. You can either pay out or continue playing. Using real bonus money, you can access any casino game.

In some instances, free spins have no conditions. Some casinos offer cash based free spins. Cash spins allow pay-outs as you wish. There are no conditions attached. 

Transparency and clarity of bonus terms online

Transparency is dependent on the casino. Most casinos display all their rules for deposit casino bonuses. Players have to be careful when going through them.

Some of the direst are in the fine print. A fine print is small lettering present in the terms. Players tend to ignore these. They are tiresome to read and understand.

The fine prints direct on bonus usage. They explain what a deposit match bonus is for deposit casinos. They cite the conditions to fulfill to get a payout. Fine prints list any major bonus restrictions.

The Canadian casinos clearly indicate the terms. You can read through the terms and conditions. But, welcome bonus terms are attached to the bonus. If you want a reload bonus, it has its terms.

Click on the bonus to open the terms. Read through and proceed to the overall casino terms. Our review guide explains the rules in depth. Casinos are transparent in their rules. Players don’t pay attention. That is why we have our broad guide on casino welcome rewards.

Validity of casino bonuses

Validity indicates the time a player has to wager a bonus. Canadian Online casino bonuses have different expiry periods. A cashback bonus can have a week, a day or some hours. A match bonus can go for months before expiring.

You need to take note of that timeline. A welcome bonus may be a onetime award. But, it can last a day, week or months depending on the terms. You have to be aware of the validity period.

If the time passes without a wager, you lose the bonus. If you do not meet the conditions within that period, the bonus becomes void. In case of regional restrictions, your bonus is void.

For instance, a welcome bonus is C$100. The terms indicate a max bet of C$8. You have two weeks to complete the wager. It means you have to wager the C$100, 13 times in 14 days. The 14 days is the validity period.

The wagering requirements

Wagering requirements differ from one casino to another. Every welcome bonus has different conditions. You can play with 20x playthrough requirements in one site. If you move to another, you find 40x.

What does the 20x and 40x mean? It is an indication of the number of time you have to play your bonus. For instance, you receive C$5 in bonus money. You have to play the C$5 twenty and forty times. It means you need to wager C$100 and C$200 respectively.

It is advisable for player to choose smaller play through times. The higher the number of times, the higher the amount. We advise choosing sites offering 20x to 30x.

It is difficult for players to understand this. We highlight all essential details on our guide. We explain all major bonus needs. You can start playing once you know the implications.

Things to be careful of

A welcome bonus can be attractive. But, you need to check if it has a deposit attached or not.

  • If the bonus does have a deposit, you need to comply with bonus terms. The terms restrict pay-outs to the very end. Cancelling nullifies the bonus and its winnings.
  • If it has no attached deposit, there are no terms that apply. You can cancel the bonus. You can cash out your winnings. In case you lose, you can use the bonus to play.
  • Remember to check maximum bets for free spins. Games available with bonus are also important. But, you can check for bonus alternatives on

How to recognize a good casino welcome reward offer

Bonus offers differ depending on customer preferences. The best online casinos offer realistic bonuses. But, it is difficult for players to pick the right one.

  • The first step is to look at the bonus fine print. It explains the major terms of the bonus. Second, do your research on the casino. Our review offers detailed guides on online casinos.
  • Pay attention to the percentage on offer. Plus, the maximum amount you will receive. Check the maximum bet you can make with the bonus. Don’t forget the minimum deposit to activate the bonus also plays a role.
  • Remember, bigger percentage is not better. Do the mathematics. Consider the low wagering conditions. Only then, will you identify the right amount.
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Casino welcome offer advantages and disadvantages

Casino welcome gift is a unique chance for players. It provides many positive outcomes. But, it does have its downsides. These are:

It offers a chance to check out a casino.It might come with steep conditions.
You get free access to casino games.The time frame might be too short.
It saves you from losing your savings.Free credits remains in your account history.
If lucky, you can scoop huge winnings.It may include bonus restrictions
You get valuable gaming experience.They spot cash out limits
You learn casino operations in and out 

Bonus availability

A welcome bonus is the first feature in any online casino. It is available for new Canadian players. What differs are the bonus terms and conditions. The bonus amounts are different as well. But, you will find a welcome package in every online casino you visit in Canada.

Available games

Casinos tie bonus funds to specific casino games. You can only spend any bonus cash on the select games. If you try to access any other, you do not get access.

The bonus may be in support of a specific game provider. Thus, the offer may be for its games only. In these cases, casinos often provide more than one welcome bonus.

But, when it comes towagering requirements, games play a huge role. Some games you play using bonus money can help comply with these terms. These are often select games attached to the fine prints. Read through carefully before claiming a bonus.

Welcome mobile bonus

Welcome bonuses in Canada have no restrictions to players. Casinos try to draw punters to their mobile sites and apps using bonuses. Mobile casino bonuses allow players to enjoy games while on the go.

Bonuses available on the website are accessible via phone. But, mobile bonuses can be accessible only by phone. If using a casino app, you can gain access to the bonuses. Plus, a browser gives you access as well.

Mobile bonuses can be in form of a match bonus. If you desire free spins casino or cashback, you can get them. Choose a site that is compatible with your phone or offers an app.

Casino welcome offer alternatives

Casino welcome rewards consist of match bonuses and free spins. But, these are not the only casino bonuses available. You can get access to other bonuses including:

  • Live casino bonuses
    • Canada in 2020 offers unique live dealer gaming experiences. You can play against a live dealer. You can interact with fellow players. Plus, you can claim live casino bonuses online. Only special sites offer live dealer casino. Check our review for more details.
  • Loyalty Points
    • These have a longer validity period than most. Royalty points accumulate over time. They come from your daily betting at the casino. Some games may contribute more points than others. It is the amount you wager in the casino. Loyalty points offer a class and can give extra bonuses as you move up the loyalty programs.
  • VIP bonuses
    • A VIP is a regular client to the casino. In another case, it would be a high spender and a casino regular. Players who accrue more loyalty points can receive VIP treatment in the loyalty programme. VIPs have specialized bonuses custom-made for them.
  • Promotions
    • These are events accessible to all casino players. In other cases, it is a game promotion from a specific provider. They have invites allowing VIP attendance only. Casino promotions offer a range of bonuses separate from the welcome bonus such as promo codes. 

Bonus hunting

It is a practice that many casinos approve. Players can hunt for bonuses after paying out. It means that the previous bonus is complete. You can move on to another.

We provide a range of bonuses. The bonuses are from the same casino. It increases your chances for playing a game of choice. Ensure to bookmark for cool bonuses. If not, you can choose a bonus from those on our list.

But, you should read through the terms. Every bonus has unique conditions. If not clear, you could lose your bonus. The bonus hunting will offer no advantages.

Tips for casino welcome offer

Our site is always searching for quality welcome bonuses. We list only the best on offer. But, you can follow the following hacks to pick the best.

Always review the wagering requirements.

Do not choose anything with more than 30x.

Meet the terms with more than 30x can present difficulties.

Look out for match deposit bonuses. Large percentages are not always advisable. Identify the amount you are to match. For instance, match a 400% up to C$20, you get C$100. But, if you match 100% up to C$200, you get C$400.

Casino welcome offer – Our Conclusion

Casino welcome gift offers many chances to players. You can play free games online. You receive a chance at winning real money. For new players, you discover new casinos.

Welcome bonuses offer a chance at making money. But, they do come with terms. You must comply with the set conditions. Bonuses are different if you move from one casino to another.

We advise you read the terms before claiming a bonus. You can choose a bonus from our list. We explore the bonus on your behalf. We remove any risk to you. It makes it the right choice for new and regular responsible gambling players.

Casino Library FAQ

Can I withdraw winnings made using the casino welcome offer?

Paying out depends on the type of bonus. If it a matched deposit bonus, then no. you need to comply with bonus casino conditions. Only, then can you cash out. If it is not a deposit based bonus, then you can cash out any time.

Should I accept casino welcome reward on offer?

No, you should never accept a bonus just like that. Bonuses may have hidden conditions. Plus, a bonus face value is never true. You need to review and assess the bonus. Get the real value and conditions. Then, you can claim it.

 Can I make use of casino welcome offer on my mobile device?

Yes, there are welcome bonuses you can use on your phone. The bonuses can be for use on mobile phones. But, you can access them using a PC or computer. Some bonuses can only be accessible via phone or app.

Can I claim multiple casino welcome gifts?

Yes, as long as they are from different casinos. If from the same casino accounts, you have to complete one bonus to claim another. But, welcome bonuses are one time offers. You cannot claim it again as it is for new players only.

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The review shows what pay out limits to consider. You know the maximum and minimum bets. You can identify the bonus effectiveness from our site to aid you gamble responsibly.

Pick the right welcome bonus. Follow our lead and select one from our site.